Terms & Conditions 

  1. You agree to pay for the full number of courses selected and in the event you discontinue prematurely, you agree to pay any outstanding balance of fees, and for this purpose you authorise El Paso to use any  credit card and/or bank direct debit information provided.
  2.  Although the classes are intended to be fun and safe, dancing is a vigorous activity which may be unsuitable for people with health problems, including but not limited to joint and back problems, heart and respiratory problems. You acknowledge our recommendation that you should seek advice from your doctor before commencing the classes.
  3.  You enter the premises of El Paso at your own risk. No responsibility is taken for property of customers brought onto the premises, including property left behind the desk.
  4.  You release El Paso from all claims arising from any personal injury suffered by you or any child under your supervision and from any loss or damage to personal property you bring onto the premises and you agree to indemnify El Paso in full in respect of claims brought against it in relation to such personal injury or property loss or damage.
  5. The releases and indemnities extend to any event (informal or formal) arranged by or in connection with El Paso which may occur outside the El Paso premises.
  6. You are recommended to take all due care in any social relationships with other class members you commence as a result of attending these classes, and El Paso accepts no liability in relation thereto. All releases and indemnities here under apply to this clause.
  7. At the discretion of El Paso, any patron who is intoxicated, under the influence of illegal drugs or disruptive to other patrons may be temporarily or permanently excluded from the premises, in which case any refund of fees shall be at the discretion of El Paso.
  8. As the context permits, ‘El Paso’ means El Paso Latin American Dance Studio and includes its owners, officers, employees, agents, and contractors.
  9. These conditions do not affect your statutory rights. If any part of these terms and conditions is unenforceable or illegal, the offending part is disregarded and does not affect the remainder. Each exclusion in these terms and conditions is subject to and applies only to the extent not otherwise forbidden by any law which forbids exclusion of liability, including any statute.
  10. We may elect not to provide further services if our fees remain unpaid for more than 14 days after the due date.
  11. You may terminate this agreement in writing at any time.  If you do so you will be obliged to pay our charges and expenses up to the time of your termination.
  12. If a customer is under the age of 18, these terms are agreed and acknowledged by that person’s parent or legal guardian.