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Helping you shine on your special day is what we do best! So many couples have anxiety leading up to their first dance, and we honestly couldn't think of a worser way to spend your special day. Together, we will create a custom routine that will give you pride and confidence on your wedding day, which we think is priceless. You will be creating memories that last a lifetime and will have so much fun along the way. Call to book your lessons today! 

In Case You Were Thinking:

Is this studio right for us?

At Dream Day we pride ourselves on building a genuine rapport with our couples from the start. We genuinely love being a part of your wedding day process, and we honestly get as excited as the bride and groom. Well almost. Having said that, we are a husband and wife team who love love!

Will we look too choreographed?

If you want to drop it like it's hot, we're not going to stop you! However we do understand that your first dance is a very special, and personal one. So we aim to create routines that are reflective of both your individual styles and personalties. We want to bring out the best in you by doing YOU.

What makes us the best choice?

What we do at Dream Day is truly special. We honestly want to see you smash it on the dance floor and have the time of your lives! Having the 'wow' factor in your routine is important for us too, so we will always go that extra mile to create for you something truly magical and spectacular!

Our Dance Packages

Our dance packages are amazing value and are super competitive. All packages are discounted to suit every budget and every couple!

1 Lesson $130
This single lesson will give you basic steps to get you through your bridal dance. Together with your free styling abilities, you will have a fun routine!
3 Lessons $380
This package is short but oh so sweet! For those who are pressed for time,  we can still pull out a dip or  lift and wow the crowd!
5 Lessons $600
This package will see you dancing a complete routine. You'll get more  dramatic highlights that will impress your guest for sure. Let's do it!
7 Lessons $800
We call this package the "next level", because that's where we will take you with these lessons. You've got the basics down pat, so let's elevate your style!
10 Lessons $1100
Things are getting hectic! You'll get lots more choreography in your routine with this package, because now you've learnt how to dance! 
12 Lessons $1300
What a talented couple you are! Because you both are just too good, we're going for gold now and we won't stop until we shut the place down!
15 Lessons $1500

We call this the "Diamond" package, because you will be so close to perfection after these lessons. You will be dancing like a pro and shining like a star!

Bridal Classes

We also offer Bridal group classes, Father and Daughter dance lessons, and so much more! Contact the studio for more information.

How It Works

Operating as a husband and wife team, we thrive off the energy that our couples bring into the studio each and everyday, and your love stories really are inspiring to us. 

We are experienced in the Latin and Ballroom genres, and will utilise the following styles to create the choreography that will become your dream dance on your dream day. 

Styles include: 


Cha Cha

Viennese Waltz


Slow Rhythm



Salsa and more!

Our Testimonials

We consider ourselves to be extremely lucky people. Lucky because we get to teach what we love and pass onto our couples the gift of dance. We're also incredibly grateful that our studio continues to be chosen, and trusted, by couples to create what will become your dream wedding dance.

All the images that you see on our website are from Dream Day alumni. They are our couples, dancing our choreography. Here are some kind words that our previous students would like to share with anyone considering to begin their wedding dance lessons with us at Dream Day Dance Studio. 

rebecca and wilson

" We came to Carlos for our wedding dance lessons, and we wanted to incorporate merengue, tango, and salsa in a limited amount of time. Carlos put it all together and we fondly remember our wedding dance, as do our family and friends. Thank you Carlos for being so patient and fun."

grace and cherag

" I am extremely grateful to have met Carlos. He choreographed our wedding dance very well, and it wowed the audience. Nearly 6 years on people are still talking about how great our wedding was, epsecially the entertainment. I truly recommend Carlos to anyone wanting to learn how to dance."

natalie and sebastian

" Not only did Carlos and Sophia put together a beautiful routine for us, they passed on their confidence and passion for dance on to us as well. Unforgettable moments performing our routine on the night, all of which would not have been possible without Carlos and Sophia's experience."

Our Awesome Team

Whilst we are a small team, we are incredibly passionate about wedding dance lessons. It is where we have the most fun and where we meet the best people. Together our teachers make up a team that is truly special and one of a kind within the dancing industry. Experience for yourself the dream!

Sophia pou

While it's no surprise to some people, that Sophia is most comfortable in the kitchen cooking up a storm, you may be surprised to know that she is equally as passionate about dancing as she is about food. A passion that began in 2013 where she appeared on Channel Seven's "Dancing With The Stars" as a celebrity contestant. 

Sophia was quickly introduced into the world of dancing, and was learning the foundations to a multitude of dance styles from both the Latin and Ballroom genres, and within weeks, Sophia was performing choreographed dance routines in front of a live television audience. 

Dance styles including Cha Cha, Samba, Paso Doble, Contemporary and the Viennese Waltz taught by some of the best dancers and choreographers in the country, if not the country. 

Since then she has continued to dance with husband Carlos Da Silva at the El Paso Latin American Dance Studio. It is through assisting Carlos with his wedding dance lessons, that she discovered her own passion for creating choreography and for working with couples.

Sophia's ability to understand and relate to her students on both a personal and professional level, has seen her thrive in this arena which has now become her area of expertise.

Through her unique vision, ideas, and choreography, Sophia will bring to life the story of your love through the passion of dance. 

carlos da silva

Carlos Da Silva is the Managing Director, Principal Instructor, Professional Performer and Choreographer of El Paso Latin American Dance Studio in the Inner West suburb of Annandale. 

Early in his career Carlos studied and excelled in the artful expression of Flamenco, both in Australia and in Europe. While travelling throughout Europe he also studied Latin American dance which eventually became his all consuming passion and his forte. 

On returning to Australia he soon became one of Sydney's most recognised teachers. He held senior positions in many of Sydney's leading dance venues prior to opening his very own dance studio in the year of 1997, which has now been operating for over 20 years. 

Carlos is held in high regard throughout the industry, as a Performer and for his dedication to tuition. His students enjoy his natural flare, talent and warmth. He has the ability to teach and quickly produce individual styles that demonstrate their greatest potential.

Carlos has also formed and trained his own performing troupe called "The El Paso Latin American Dancers", in which many of this students have gone on to appear in other stage shows and productions, and have built for themselves their own successful dancing careers. 

Carlos and Sophia are also the Co-Founders of Dream Day Dance Studio, which will see them dedicating more of their time towards working with couples to achieve the wedding dance of their dreams. 


How many lessons will we need?

We understand that you are busy little bees planning your wedding, but we really believe that to get you both wedding dance ready, 5 lessons or more is the ideal package for most couples. These lessons can be spaced out over a period of time that best suits you and your schedules. 

This allows us the opportunity to add style, finesse, and technique to your routine, which will see you dancing both confidently, and elegantly through out your song. Having said that, we do offer a 3 lessons package which will definitely see you dancing a lovely routine on your big night.

What if we have never danced before?

No previous dance experience is necessary to commence your wedding dance lessons with us, and we understand that for some, this may be your first time that you have ever danced at all

What we do is work in collaboration with you to choreograph a routine that you will be both happy and confident to perform. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable and as relaxed as you can possibly be on the night where all eyes will be on you!

How does it work in terms of the music?

Most songs average about 3-4 minutes in total, and for you to dance for the duration of it, you will need a whole bunch of lessons. So what we advise for you to do, is one of the following 3 options. 

  1. Option number one is to dance for an average of 2-3 minutes and have your DJ fade out the music and with you ending your routine gracefully.
  2. Option number two is dance for an average of 2-3 minutes and have your family or friends come onto the dance floor and continue to dance with you until the song ends. 
  3. Option number 3 is to dance for an average of 2-3 and have a clean ending due to editing the song that you can organise, or we can help you with at the studio. What option you choose is completely your choice, and we will be here to help you achieve it.
What is the structure of a 1 hour lesson?

Lessons commence promptly at the appointed time and finish 55 minutes thereafter, regardless of students time of arrival. 

Unless you make contact if running late, the teacher will wait up to 15 minutes but after that period will consider it a cancelled lesson and may close the premises without notice if it is the last lesson of the day.

You will have either Carlos or Sophia teaching your lessons, and there are some days where you will have us both on the floor with you. We aim to do this as much as we possibly can, so that you get the attention, experience, and feedback that you need.  

There is no extra charge should you have both teachers on the day, and you will be notified prior to your lesson as to who your teacher will be. Having said that, will we try our best to meet with you and your partner at some stage of your dancing journey with us. We hope you enjoy every moment of the process with us at Dream. 

How do we book and pay for our lessons?

To book your lessons you will need to call any of the numbers provided to organise a day and time. Please book early and in advance so we can best accomodate you. Alternatively, you can contact us via email. Your first lesson must be paid for in advance and prior to the commencement of your scheduled lesson. 

This can be done over the phone or via direct bank deposit. If on the day you wish to purchase a package, will take the payment of $120.00 off the total price so you will still be eligible for a discount. When a lesson has been booked and not paid for in advance, that lesson can be cancelled at any without notice, and at the discretion of the teacher. 

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Cancellations or postponements of booked lessons can be made up to 24 hours prior to the lesson time, but the lesson will be charged at full rate if it is cancelled or postponed less than 24 hours prior. 

Less than 48 hours prior will be charged 50% rate . 

Please note that changing a lesson time for the same day, even by one hour and regardless of your genuine circumstances, is considered a postponement and cannot be done less than 24 hours prior without full lesson fees being payable. 

Advance paid lesson packages and unused portions of the Special Discounted lesson packages are non-refundable once the expiry date has been reached.

What is your policy regarding video recording?

Should you wish to video parts of your lesson for your own personal use, you must first gain permission of the teacher. 

Application to the principal must be made for any Media filming and credits and/or Artiste release forms may be required.

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you! Do not hesitate to contact us for any queries. We are located only 15 minutes from the CBD and their is street parking avaliable on the corner of Annandale and Young Street. From there it's a 2 minutes walk to El Paso Latin Dance Studio where Dream Day is operating.

102 Booth Street, Annandale 2038 
Sophia: 0400 873 994


Email : sophia@weddinglessons.dance

Web : weddinglessons.dance